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From the sweet flow of swooping singletrack to the white-knuckle thrills of steep rocky and rooty trails, the humble mountain bike delivers incredible moments of exhilaration. However, there’s always the chance of an unexpected crash. And when it all goes a bit wrong the MTB AllMtn 2.0 Helmet offers head protection you can trust.  Progressive Protection Protection of your head comes via a host of safety features, the first of which is the combination of Polymer Compound shell and in-moulded impact-absorbing foam. Together they work in harmony to reduce the damaging effects of an impact.  The Polymer Shell meets the demands of regular use, keeping low-level knocks and scrapes at bay while also enhancing structural strength. Meanwhile, the Impact Foam absorbs and dissipates the impact forces from heavier falls. The adjustable visor is great for keeping off sun and rain but it’s also designed to break away upon impact, reducing rotational forces on the neck. You’ll also benefit from the use of Leatt’s 360 ̊ Turbine Technology. 360 ̊  Turbine Technology The 360 ̊ Turbine Technology is focused on reducing the damaging effects of a crash on your brain. It works via 360 ̊moving discs, all made from an energy-absorbing material. These impart a reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to  40%. The system also improves the absorption of impact energy  – it reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at the impact speeds associated with concussion.  Ride-ready Features The 2.0 has a quick and easy to adjust fit system, letting you dial in the fit so it’s always safe and secure. The Fidlock magnetic closure system also makes it super-easy to get your lid on and off. There’s also a sunglasses dock, keeping your eyewear safely stashed when not in use.  Fresh Feeling Once you’re up to speed and kicking up the dirt, the AllMtn 2.0 will impress you with its cool comfort. Its combination of 20 vents and internal MaxiFlow impact foam air channels ensure you benefit from highly effective airflow over your head, keeping you cool at both high and low speeds. Getting sweaty when you’re mountain biking is pretty inevitable though. However, the rapid-wicking liner helps in this regard, drawing away sweat from the skin to leave you feeling dry and comfortable. Anti-odour properties also ensure no nasty stinks or an itchy scalp after a few rides. And it’s removable and washable too, letting you keep everything feeling as fresh as when it was new. 

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