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Be it pedalling up or lift-assisted escapades, you can be sure that once you’re in the zone and picking your lines, the MTB AllMtn 4.0 Helmet won’t cause you any distractions. However, should you get caught out by tricky terrain or a sudden loss of grip, it gives reliable impact protection too – all being well you’ll be dusting yourself down all safe and sound.  Incredible Impact Protection The MTB AllMtn 4.0 Helmet is packed with head-protecting features, keeping you safer when you find yourself caught up in a crash. At the heart of the 4.0 is a dual foam construction, featuring EPS + EP0 impact foams. These foams work in unison to soak up the forces of both slow and high-speed crashes. This protective layer is covered by a tough Polymer outer shell, enhancing structural strength and durability. An adjustable visor not only keeps off sun and dirt but if you wear goggles, the adjustability lets you easily store them below the visor too. And in the event of a crash, the visor is designed to break away, reducing the effects of rotation force impacts. 360 ̊  Turbine Technology A key feature of this helmet is the 360 ̊ Turbine Technology. This is focused on reducing the damaging effects of a crash on your brain. It works via 360 ̊ moving discs, all made from an energy-absorbing material. These impart a reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to  40%. The system also improves the absorption of impact energy  – it reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at the impact speeds associated with concussion.  Feel the Freshness While the focus is of course on keeping your head protected, the AllMtn 4.0 also delivers on comfort too. With 18 air vents, you’ll always enjoy optimal airflow over your head, preventing too much heat from causing discomfort. With inner channels, this airflow works at both low and high speeds too.  Even when you’re riding hard and enjoying the heat of summer, the internal padding is quick to deal with sweat. It draws away moisture quickly to prevent it from pooling on the skin, leaving you dry and comfy. It’s odour resistant too, keeping nasty smells and itch scalp at bay, ride after ride. And if you want that brand-new feel, simply remove the padding and throw it in the wash. A quick-adjust system allows you to dial in a secure fit incredibly easily while a Fidlock magnetic buckle makes it easy to pull your AllMtn 4.0 on and off. There’s also a sunglasses dock port for easy, secure storage of your eyewear.

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