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The Women’s 2.0 Flat Pedal Shoes pack in a lot of performance at a budget-friendly price. As you navigate rocks, roots, mud and techy trail features, it’s the improved sole unit that will keep your feet securely planted on the pedals. RideGrip™ PRO This improved sole unit now features Leatt’s RideGrip™ PRO compound. This super-sticky rubber provides superb traction on flat pedals. And when paired with the WaffleGrip Pro pattern in the pedal area, you can be sure of all the grip you could need, inspiring you to keep pushing your mountain biking limits. It’s tough too, resisting abrasions and tears for long-term performance. Not only grippy, but you’ll also benefit from the dual-flex design of the sole. Across the pedal area, the shoe is stiffened, creating a supportive and efficient pedalling platform. Meanwhile, the more flexible toe section is just right for those times when you’re pushing back up the hill. Mudflow channels also improve dirt-shedding, keeping the tread clearer when it’s muddy.  Comfort Built-in When you’re getting your MTB shred on, you don’t want to be distracted. And thanks to a comfortable upper, that’s not going to be an issue. There are also protective zones across the toes and heel, fending off dirt, debris and root and rock strikes when you’re hanging a foot out on a rowdy turn.  With plenty of ventilation on offer, there’s an easy escape route for any sweat you generate. An Active Carbon insole also wicks away moisture, is quick to dry and also prevents the build-up of bacteria and odours.  When you’re pedalling you’ll feel the benefits of the anti-heel lift grip design and Leatt compression laces. Both provide a secure and comfortable fit, leaving you to concentrate on fast lines and fun times. 

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