Assos Women's Triator NS Cycling Speedsuit - Skin Suit Triathlonanzüge
Assos Women’s Triator NS Cycling Speedsuit – Skin Suit Triathlonanzüge
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Assos Women’s Triator NS Cycling Speedsuit – Skin Suit Triathlonanzüge

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The Women’s Triator NS (No Sleeve) Cycling Speedsuit has been engineered to keep you comfortable in training and when you’re taking on the challenges of Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. Using their expertise and knowledge from the development of the road-cycling NS Summer Speedsuit, Assos ensure this tri-specific version has been adapted to the full-body motions of the three triathlon disciplines. Light and aerodynamic, this suit offers distraction-free comfort and optimal efficiency.  Fabric Technology Comfort and muscle support comes by the way of proven Assos textiles from their road-racing kit. To the upper body, ultralight and stretchy Cube material has a 3D structure that creates both a streamlined finish and a material that dries exceptionally fast too. Meanwhile, the lower section is made from Type.701kompressor textile. This highly compressive material provides support of your large muscle groups, helping push back fatigue, promote blood flow and maintaining excellent flexibility when swimming, cycling and running. Fit and Feel Comfort is paramount when distances are long and endurance tested to the limit. The carefully tailored V-shaped Falken Cut design removes restrictions around the upper body, offering flexibility and comfort across all three tri disciplines. Raw cut ends to the legs, with silicone internal dot grippers, also give a remarkably smooth and aero finish while a 3/4 zipper keeps you in control of temperature regulation. A modified 2-panel ergoBox design with frictionless Butterfly Pattern make up the lower half, built around the streamlined Triator Insert. Women’s Traitor Insert A triathlon-specific insert, the Women’s Triator pad uses 4mm and 6mm memory foam, striking a perfect balance between support and low-volume flexibility. 3D waffle, 3-layer perforated foam removes bulk and increases breathability. Assos’ goldenGate also features. This patented technology allows for a more natural, 3-dimensional movement of the pad, enhancing comfort and eliminating irritation. 

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