Dainese Rival Pro Vest Body Armour - Körperprotektoren
Dainese Rival Pro Vest Body Armour – Körperprotektoren
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Dainese Rival Pro Vest Body Armour – Körperprotektoren

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The Rival Pro Vest Body Armour provides a modular approach to body protection so you can tailor protection levels to your specific needs and style of mountain biking. Crash Absorb Soft Memory Foam protectors provide impact protection across the ribs, collar bones and entire back. However, you can remove the shoulder and back protectors for a comfortable fit even when wearing a backpack or waist bag.  High-impact PRO SHAPE 2.0 technology provides you with superb shoulder protection and yet it’s impressively light and offers excellent ventilation, allowing for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. The complete bodysuit has an anatomical design ensures the utmost safety and protection while maintaining excellent comfort.  Another key feature of the Rival Pro is the integration of the hydration system. Developed in the high-speed world of MotoGP™, the HumpBack™ hydration system provides space for your sports drink while perfectly balancing the back protector and offering additional protection in the event of a fall. When you’re fully committed and sending yourself down the toughest, most technical and steepest mountain bike trails the Rival Pro Vest Body Armour lets you concentrate on the best lines without fear.

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