Deda Superleggera Handlebar - Rennradlenker
Deda Superleggera Handlebar – Rennradlenker
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Deda Superleggera Handlebar – Rennradlenker

229,99 inkl. MwSt.

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Designed to integrate seamlessly with modern aero racing bikes, this drop handlebar offers an aerodynamic and light profile. It features a carbon construction, which allows you to benefit from its incredible stiffness when climbing as well as its low weight when descending. Coming equipped with Deda’s Rapid Hand Movement shape on its drops, this road bike handlebar delivers exceptional grip for straightforward changes to your riding position. Weighing in at only 185g, this is an excellent choice of upgrade for modern road-racers who want a tough and comfort handlebar without any unnecessary weight. Manufacturer Part Numbers: Polish on Black 420mm: DDS42BB Team 460mm: DDS46A Polish on Black 460mm: DDS46BB Polish on Black 440mm: DDS44BB Team 440mm: DDS44A Team 420mm: DDS42A

Polish on Black / 46cm

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