Endura MT500JR Youth Helmet - Helme
Endura MT500JR Youth Helmet – Helme
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Endura MT500JR Youth Helmet – Helme

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Endura’s MT500JR Youth Helmet takes its design inspiration directly from the award-winning, adult-sized, MT500 Helmet. The helmet may be smaller in size, but it doesn’t compromise on comfort or protection. The helmet comes with Koroyd inserts which provide enhanced energy absorption while keeping the weight low and ventilation high. Koroyd technology engineered protection Tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core, ready to be cut, shaped, CNC machined, thermoformed or laminated and further integrated into the best sport and protection products that give you the edge. The cores plastically deform for higher speed impacts, absorbing energy linearly. Up to 84% of the material thickness can be utilised in case of an accident. Existing energy absorbers densify around 60%. All of this is packed into an impressively lightweight package. You’ll barely feel that the MT500JR is there but, if you crash, you’ll be glad it is

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