Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women's Saddle - Schwarz  - Medium/Large
Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women’s Saddle – Schwarz – Medium/Large
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Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women’s Saddle – Schwarz – Medium/Large

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Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women’s SaddleReady for hitting the trails, this high-quality women’s saddle comes equipped with some of the finest Ergon technologies available to deliver a superior off-road riding experience. Allowing riders to remain seated when climbing, its rear ramp section enhances your pedalling power for greater stability and control. Its orthopaedic comfort foam also ensures that you stay comfortable by providing day-long support on your electric mountain bike (E-MTB) adventures. Ready for whatever the mountain terrain has to offer, this saddle’s durable microfibre cover, flexible nylon composite shell and rock-solid chromoly steel rails have you covered.Floating Ergonomic Saddle CoreWhen pedalling, your weight is continuously shifted from one sit bone to the other – with the highest stress on the pedal-up side, where your body weight is focused and high pressure occurs. This localised pressure is noticeably reduced by the Ergon Core: Through the suspended Core design and the high-end material properties, the bike saddle has the ability to adapt to every pelvic motion when pedalling – enormously enhancing comfort.Features: Cover Material: Microfibre Shell Material: Nylon Composite Rails Material: Chromoly Steel (CroMo) Padding: Orthopaedic Comfort Foam Use: Electric Mountain Bike (E-MTB) Gender: Female Dimensions: Small/Medium: 278x147mm; Medium/Large: 278x160mmTechnologies: Energy-Saving Ramp: The SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women significantly improves your seated position while climbing. The steeply rising ramp at the rear gives you a stable, effort-saving hold when climbing uphill. Ergon has also designed the saddle nose to be particularly wide and comfortable, as the seat position often shifts forward in extremely steep sections. Innovative Infinergy Material: BASF’s innovative Infinergy material sets new standards for suspension and damping on bicycles. The elastic saddle core supports pelvic movements when pedalling, absorbs road shocks, and is easy on the back. When the pedalling pressure decreases, the Ergon Core, consisting of thousands of foam particles, immediately rebounds back to its original shape. Leading manufacturers of running shoes also use this E-TPU foam worldwide with great success. Double Shell: The revolutionary Ergon double-shell technology takes comfort to a whole new level. With the conventional saddle, there is only one seat shell on the frame. This standard shell supports all of the rider’s weight and must therefore be very stiff. The SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women utilizes two shells. The lower shell, supporting the rider’s weight is very stiff and the upper shell, which is a base of the padding material is very flexible. In between is the floating ergonomic core made of Infinergy. This design isolates road shock, dampens vibrations, supports pelvic movements while pedalling, and noticeably takes the pressure off the sit bones. Inner Core Damper: The view from below on the SM E-Mountain Core Prime Women shows how the high-performance elastomer damper decouples the two saddle shells from each other. This sandwich construction with its elastic core allows the saddle to follow the natural movements of the pedal stroke. This provides support in all directions from the vibrations of the riding surface to the rider’s pedal stroke. Orthopaedic Foam: he padding of the ST Gel is made of orthopedic comfort foam, which we have designed for fitness bikes, e-bikes, and touring bikes. The foam is supportive, soft, but does not collapse. In addition to the foam, specific gel pad inlays offer even more comfort under the sitting area. With this saddle, it is not absolutely necessary to wear cycling shorts. The saddle is covered with robust microfiber to prevent abrasions and maintain the durability of the saddle.Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: EG-44011050 Black S Small/Medium EG-44011051 Black L Medium/LargeBuy Ergon Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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