Ergon SMD2 Pro Titanium Saddle - Sättel
Ergon SMD2 Pro Titanium Saddle – Sättel
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Ergon SMD2 Pro Titanium Saddle – Sättel

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It was designed, tailored and perfected as result of an intensive development period with the help of professional downhill riders who were aiming for the ultimate saddle feel. This saddle is advantageous for riders who seek additional control when riding rocks, roots, ruts and hitting large jumps at speed; making it perfect for racing. Ergonomically Shaped Freedom of Movement The entire saddle and its profiled design follows an ergonomically shaped, tilted saddle orientation that offers the rider complete freedom of movement over and around the bike. Being able to control the bike with the inner leg is very important when riding at speeds over rough terrain and the padding around this saddles key contact areas is the marvel of its design. Clearance at the Rear Clearance at the rear of the saddle allows for undisrupted tyre clearance and suspension travel. This clearance is also a convenience to the rider when negotiating steep technical descents as it will not restrict movement when adjusting your centre of gravity over and around the rear wheel. Additional Stiffness and Grip The carbon composite shell and the anti-slip seating surface add additional stiffness and grip to the saddle making it ideal for riders who demand the most from their components. The added level of grip and stiffness boosts control, performance and rider confidence when riding through the roughest of terrain.

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