IXS Hack Goggle - Radsportbrillen
IXS Hack Goggle – Radsportbrillen
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IXS Hack Goggle – Radsportbrillen

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The large lens design boosts your field of vision with 178-degree horizontal and 78-degree vertical peripherals. The lens offers the maximum in vision quality with multiple technologies combined including: a UV filter, Iridium tinting which enhances definition and clarity, an anti-fog coating that reduces condensation caused by humidity, and exterior anti-scratch protection that helps keep you vision clearer for longer. The ergonomic frame is constructed from ultra-flexible materials which distribute pressure evenly without restricting airflow. A specially adapted, textured interior reduces glare. For comfort the interior of the frame is coated in a plush layer of face foam which delivers excellent sweat management. To stabilise the Hack Goggles and to keep them in position, even in the most intense environments, the goggles come with a 40mm, thick elastic strap that works with most helmet types.

Racing Black/ Mirror / One Size

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