IXS Hammer Jacket - Körperprotektoren
IXS Hammer Jacket – Körperprotektoren
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IXS Hammer Jacket – Körperprotektoren

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If you’re going to send it down technical trails and hit big trail features in the bike park then no matter how skilful you are, hitting the dirt is just an inevitable part of the progression. However, in order to keep riding hard and with complete confidence protection is key – the Hammer Jacket gives you just the protection you need with the flexibility for easy manoeuvrability. To the front, the “NockOut” chest guard protects against you if you go out the front door and over the bars, while the Armadillo spine protector takes the impact of landing on your back.  While the Armadillo back protects you against injury in heavy falls it’s flexibility boosts comfort and won’t feel restrictive as you pilot your bike across tough terrain. “NockOut” padding can also be found protecting the upper arm and shoulders, ideal for those glancing blows against trailside trees and for hitting the ground sideways after a washout.  With its modular design, you can choose to wear each piece as a separate or use as the whole system, letting you tailor your protection level to your preference and the terrain you’ll be sending it down.

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