Nordisk Midgard 20 - Zelte
Nordisk Midgard 20 – Zelte
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Nordisk Midgard 20 – Zelte

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The Nordisk Midgard 20 is a uniquely designed ‘pole-free’ tent with a single wall construction, working perfectly as the centrepiece of a combined set-up with the ridge tents of the Midgard range or as a spacious, comfortable stand-alone group tent. Combining innovative technology with historic function through Nordisk’s patented Turtle Hub™, it boasts a singular, ultra-simple setup requiring only 16 pegs to anchor, while the widely featured windows and mesh doors allow for plenty of air and light. Additionally, the large door overhang will protect from the elements and allow for open doors despite a drizzle. Specification Type: 10-person tent; Total weight: 41.5 kg; Flysheet size: 450 x 450 x 300 cm Main pack sack type: Pack sack with carry handles; Pack size: 110 x 45 cm; Pack sack content: Flysheet; Pack sack weight: 28 kg Second pack sack type: Pack sack with carry handles; Second pack sack content: Poles; Second pack size: 70 x 35 cm; Second pack sack weight: 10 kg Third pack sack type: Pack sack; Third pack sack content: Pegs; Third pack sack weight: 3 kg The Story Behind The Name Midgard is the realm of the humans in Norse mythology. The place where people lived, gathered and socialised in the hectic world between Asgard, home of the Gods, and Jotunheim, home of the Giants. Nordisk’s Midgard Concept offers a unique and expandable tent-hub that combines and connects easily, thus fitting any family or group size and granting the luxury of a spacious and spectacular common area. A perfect tent for gathering and resting on the escape from the hectic world of the modern day. 

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