Nordisk Vimur 4.8 - Zelte
Nordisk Vimur 4.8 – Zelte
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Nordisk Vimur 4.8 – Zelte

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The Nordisk Vimur 4.8 boasts a practical amount of space combined with a strong and clever ridge construction. The single wall, A-frame pole design is high-grade steel, making the tent feel extra spacious, and is reinforced by a ridge pole between the two patented Turtle Hubs™. Additionally, Vimur has outstanding ventilation and plenty of indoor features including mesh windows, side pockets and apsis. Perfectly pitched on its own or connected to Midgard. Specification Type: 4-person tent; Total weight: 13.5 kg; Flysheet size: 240 x 207 x 134 cm Main pack sack type: Pack sack with carry handles; Pack size: 80 x 31 cm; Pack sack content: Flysheet; Pack sack weight: 10 kg Second pack sack type: Pack sack with carry handles; Second pack sack content: Poles; Second pack size: 61 x 20 cm; Second pack sack weight: 3 kg Third pack sack type: Pack sack; Third pack sack content: Pegs; Third pack sack weight: 1 kg The Story Behind The Name In Norse mythology, the Vimur is the largest of the Norse rivers that were formed at the beginning of the world. The Vimur river is mentioned in the tale of Thor and Geirrod. Thor needed to cross the Vimur on his way to Geirrod’s abode. The force of the river threatened to sweep Thor away.

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