Nordisk X Helinox Bed - Schlafzubehör
Nordisk X Helinox Bed – Schlafzubehör
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Nordisk X Helinox Bed – Schlafzubehör

480,49 inkl. MwSt.

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Strong and durable, the X Helinox Bed is made for a life in the backcountry, ready to be set up in seconds so you can kick off your shoes, lay back and relax with a nice mug of something hot, or something a bit stronger depending on how trails have treated you.  Strong and durable, the aluminium frame lifts you off the ground to ensure complete comfort as you sleep, guaranteeing a fantastic nights sleep away from the hard ground. With a pretty impressive weight, you also won’t be compromising other items of kit for this small piece of luxury. Finished with a newly designed fabric, it has the look and strength of canvas but the lightness of linen for soft, relaxing comfort.  

Neutral / One Size

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