Robens Tor 3 Person Tent - Zelte
Robens Tor 3 Person Tent – Zelte
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Robens Tor 3 Person Tent – Zelte

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The Robens Tor 3 Person Tent boasts a minimal yet practical dome design, allowing you to pitch the inner first and maintain a clean wind-shedding profile. The versatile, variable door is also designed for front or side opening to cater for wind and rain direction, while vents over the side doors and at the back provide adequate ventilation to where it is needed most. Additionally, an extended porch allows the storage of backpacks, shell clothing and boots, and the inner’s rectangular shape ensures up to three people can sleep comfortably. Robens Wind Test The determination of the performance of a Robens tent in wind is based on the knowledge and technique available to Robens at the time of testing. During the test they register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. This may appear as a broken/deformed pole, or the collapse of the tent and subsequent return to shape when the wind drops. At no point was any form of catastrophic failure experienced up to the maximum wind speed. The MAX speed for this tent is 130 km/h, and AVG 115 km/h.

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