RockShox Charger Damper Bleed Kit - Pink}  - For Pike/BoXXer}
RockShox Charger Damper Bleed Kit – Pink} – For Pike/BoXXer}
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RockShox Charger Damper Bleed Kit – Pink} – For Pike/BoXXer}

40,99 inkl. MwSt.

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RockShox Charger Damper Bleed KitThis Charger Damper bleed kit is specifically designed for use with RockShox Charger/RaceDay dampers. It includes one RockShox syringe, two RockShox High Performance Suspension Fluid (120ml) bottles and one RockShox Charger1/Standard fitting.Use only RockShox parts with RockShox components. Installation of parts and accessories not originally intended could result in less than optimal performance and/or injury.Compatibility:This bleed kit is compatible with the following suspension fork part numbers:FS-BXR-RC-B1, FS-BXR-RC-B2, FS-BXR-RC-C1, FS-BXR-SEL-C2, FS-BXR-TEAM-A1, FS-BXR-TEAM-A2, FS-BXR-ULT-C2, FS-BXR-WC-B1, FS-BXR-WC-B2, FS-BXR-WC-C1, FS-LYRK-SEL-C3, FS-LYRK-ULT-C3, FS-PIKE-DJ-A2, FS-PIKE-DJ-A3, FS-PIKE-DJ-A4, FS-PIKE-RCT3-A2, FS-PIKE-RCT3-B1, FS-PIKE-RCT3-B2, FS-PIKE-SEL-B3, FS-PIKE-SEL-B4, FS-PIKE-ULT-B3, FS-PIKE-ULT-B4, FS-RVL-RC-A1, FS-RVL-RC-A2, FS-RVL-RC-A3, FS-RVL-RCT3-A3, FS-RVL-RCT3-A4, FS-RVL-RCT3-A5, FS-SID-RCT3-A4, FS-SID-RL-A4, FS-SID-RL-B1, FS-SID-RL-B2, FS-SID-RL-B3, FS-SID-RLC-A1, FS-SID-RLC-A2, FS-SID-RLC-B1, FS-SID-SEL-B4, FS-SID-SEL-C1, FS-SID-ULT-B4, FS-SID-ULT-C1, FS-SID-ULTC-B4, FS-SID-WC-B1, FS-SID-WC-B2, FS-SID-WC-B3, FS-SID-XX-A4, FS-SID-XX-B1, FS-SID-XXWC-A4, FS-SIDS-SEL-C1, FS-SIDS-ULT-C1, FS-YARI-RC-A1, FS-YARI-RC-B1, FS-YARI-RC-B2, FS-YARI-RC-B3, FS-ZEB-R-A1, FS-ZEB-SEL-A1, FS-ZEB-ULT-A1Features: Type: RockShox Charger Damper Bleed Kit Use: Mountain Bike (MTB) Compatibility: RockShox Pike/BoXXer and more Included: 1x RockShox syringe, 2x RockShox High Performance Suspension Fluid (120ml), x1 RockShox Charger1/Standard fitting for Charger/RaceDay dampers Genuine RockShox spare partsManufacturer’s Part Number: 00.4318.007.000 Pink Pike/BoXXerBuy RockShox Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

Artikelnummer: 793326DE

Modellnummer: 00.4318.007.000

Hersteller: RockShox

EAN: 710845750700

Farbe: Pink}

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