Rotor Q Chainring (Outer) - Kettenblätter
Rotor Q Chainring (Outer) – Kettenblätter
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Rotor Q Chainring (Outer) – Kettenblätter

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Oval chainrings featuring subtle but efficient 10% ovality where the smallest diameter is at the weakest point of the pedal stroke and the maximum diameter at the strongest point of the pedal stroke. Q-Rings offer 5, sometimes 4 or 3, Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP) that can be adjusted to take advantage of the pedals stroke's most productive zone. Q-Rings are ideal for riders trying these rings for the first time and getting the correct setup can take a short period of time. Would advise newbie users of Rotor Q-Rings to take careful note of setup and also NOT to try the QXL chainrings as these are designed for specific riders and riders with lots of experience in using Q-Rings.

Schwarz / 52T 110

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