Selle San Marco Shortfit Superleggera Saddle - Sättel
Selle San Marco Shortfit Superleggera Saddle – Sättel
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Selle San Marco Shortfit Superleggera Saddle – Sättel

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Engineered for high performance, this road bike saddle features a hard-wearing microfeel cover construction, which makes it perfect at handling the increased pressure from longer journeys. Selle San Marco has also equipped this versatile model with carbon waist DNA rails, so you can enjoy a secure hold to your seatpost. Another benefit is its carbon fibre reinforced  shell, which offers fantastic strength without adding any unnecessary weight to your ride. One final highlight is its central cut out area that relieves pressure from around your sit bones. This means that you can go the extra distance in comfort and not have to worry about fatigue. SUPERLEGGERA: simply Selle San Marco’s lightest padded saddle present in the market. The SHORTFIT saddle was created to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists who, for certain types of training sessions or rides, rotate their bust a lot moving to a position close to the handlebars. The special ergonomic shape of this new saddle features reduced length and ensures proper support in the generous rear section and optimum pressure distribution in the front section. The long central cutout (Open -Fit) guarantees all-day comfort and support on the whole length of the saddle. This feature improves the blood flow preventing numbness and provides relief from pressure on the perineum. Recommended for individuals with averagely high pelvic rotation and for women bikers. Shortfit features the side profile of the seating surface with a central depression of more than 5mm that is similar to a curved line. For this reason, it is listed as Waved saddle. Recommended for individuals with both flat back (retroverted pelvis) and accentuated lumbar arch (anteverted pelvis). Technologies: CARBON WAIST – DYNAMIC NODE ACTION: “X”- shaped node (Dynamic Node Action) which allows the frame to be made even lighter and more rigid, avoiding twisting, and maintaining an excellent level of comfort. Its greater length, compared to the carbon frames on the market, ensures one of the most extensive backward and forward saddle adjustments. This material is used on the Superleggera and Carbon FX saddles. Carbon frames have a section of 9.8 x 7 mm which increases resistance and ensures extremely light structures. You need to use an adapter with some seat posts. CARBON FIBER REINFORCED: Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high percentage of long carbon fibers, to enhance the characteristics of rigidity and durability without affecting the weight. PEBAX: Innovative material for the padding with extraordinary technological benefits such as the ultra light weight. Biocompatible with an outstanding shape memory. Its features allow the saddle to be lighter and more comfortable.

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