Speedo Women's Fastskin Xenon Wetsuit - Neoprenanzüge
Speedo Women’s Fastskin Xenon Wetsuit – Neoprenanzüge
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Speedo Women’s Fastskin Xenon Wetsuit – Neoprenanzüge

295,49 inkl. MwSt.

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Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene Rubber The wetsuit uses Y39 which is the most buoyant foam in existence which provides a high lift in the water which minimises the form drag created by the immersed body. Yamamoto 38 Cell Neoprene Rubber Also, used throughout the suit Y38 is a great all-rounder foam which provides a great level of agility and is used across the arms and shoulders allow for a greater freedom of movement. Yamamoto SCS Coating The suit is coated in specialised treatment that lowers surface friction helping you to glide through the water. Maximotion+ Extensive 1.5mm neoprene panels which are used in key areas that provide extreme flexibility for your stroke. Rear Zipper Makes it easier to get the suit on and off in a rush. Thicker Neoprene Panels Provide thermal insulation and buoyancy. Aerodrome Max Technology This captures air into the thigh neoprene panels which adds additional buoyancy. Fuse Neck The fuse neck offers improved comfort and is watertight.

BLACK/PURPLE / Small – Tall

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