tex-lock Large Eyelet with U-Lock - Bügelschlösser
tex-lock Large Eyelet with U-Lock – Bügelschlösser
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tex-lock Large Eyelet with U-Lock – Bügelschlösser

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This flexible, robust and versatile lock features Sold Secure Silver security rating, is lightweight and reliable while being easy to use. This lock is suited to inner-city errands, daily commuting, urban cycling and weekend bikepacking. Innovative textile bicycle lock designed and made in Germany by bicycle lovers for bicycle lovers to the highest industry security standards to protect your bicycle from theft. Lightweight, Durable and Flexible Secure Bike Lock Lightweight, stylish, functional, extremely flexible, wearable and most of all offers comparable security to conventional heavy steel chain bike locks but tex-lock is easy to handle, deploy, transport and remove without scratching your bike. Versatile, Strong and Theft-Resistant Composite Cable Lock up your bike securely wherever you are – with the tex⁠-lock eyelet bicycle lock. The tex-⁠lock eyelet has a hardened metal core. It consists of a composite structure of multiple layers of textile fibres. Each layer performs a specific function and protects your bike from being stolen, warding off attacks using bolt cutters, fire, or a saw. The soft surface of the tex⁠-lock protects your bike from scratches and your ears from rattling noises. Fast, Convenient and Efficient Locking Mechanism Both ends of the textile lock transition into hardened, plastic-coated metal eyelets, a smaller round and a larger oval eyelet. Use the loop-through principle: Form a loop by guiding the small eyelet around your frame and a fixed object and then inserting it through the large eyelet. Now connect the small eyelet to your bike with the mini U-lock provided. Sold Secure Silver Certified High-Quality Bike Lock U-lock is Sold Secure Silver Certified, so customers have absolute confidence our locks are tested to the highest UK standards. tex-lock also has the Dutch ART 2 certification.

Gold / 160cm

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