Tifosi Eyewear Vero Sunglasses - Sonnenbrillen
Tifosi Eyewear Vero Sunglasses – Sonnenbrillen
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Tifosi Eyewear Vero Sunglasses – Sonnenbrillen

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Lenses With the Vero you get three different sets of lenses. The lenses are all made from polycarbonate which is a reliable material known for its sturdiness. Each set is aimed at tackling a different type of lighting environment. The lenses can be changed quickly while on the go as your lighting environment changes. The lenses included are: AC Red: Suitable for use in All Conditions the AC Red lenses come with a light transmission of 41.4% which means they will react quickly to changing lighting environments. These are therefore your go to, all-rounder lenses. Clear: These are perfect for those times when you don’t need protection from light rays but still require a clear field of vision and high impact resistance for your eyes. These lenses are best for use at night or when working out or competing indoors. Smoke: With a light transmission of 15.4% these lenses are best at dealing with ultra-bright, sunny conditions. They protect against glare and ideal for outside use during the daytime on clear days.

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